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Monday, June 30, 2008

SOHH Site Hacked - Prejudice?

What kind of stupidity gives a person a reason to return to the prejudices once thought lost and gone, prejudice today it seems even if thought to have been emancipated still exists. It is a sad Story to say the least, there is much growth we as a society must do to insure awareness of the diversity of our civilization. To explore prejudice as it stands today.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A dream ... Experienced & Bridged

The day before a graduation of Billy, a fellow solider, one part of a larger class of graduates from a place run by an Psychotic Commander by the name of Eagle Eye, known for being overly aggressive, and a fundamentalist soldier without regard for those he had in his charge. Not usually about the place, and most were happy with that, as he tended to carry with him a deep hatred for anything and everything. His appearance were not usually expected, and regularly a result of some disciplinary action. The site I speak of seemed more like a prison then a place of training, defined officially at least. As a result of that there was some individuals, that would do all they could to get out. On this particular day one individual pulled off an escape that may of been the red flag that brought Eagle Eye. It was certainly strange, how he had escaped, a little person of some sort fired off some kind of explosion, that was just the diversion necessary for his escape and the catalyst that brought about the appearance of the individual most hated and feared.

The strange thing was also in this dream, I was looking for my second boot, that for some reason was missing, the living quarters we were housed in, was chaotic at best, substandard and beyond that. Someone finally tossed me my boot, and then I headed towards my bicycle where I found the seat was missing, the point of all this was to go for a ride to take a break from the insanity that surrounded us. Until all that went down, eventually got everything together, but in the next moment we as a unit are inside like a stand or something with only a small back window of light, although even with the hiding Eagle Eye was able to maneuver the copter close enough to look into our eyes, so far as it goes he is a damn good pilot.

Upon landing the next thing I know I am on the road riding the bike with Billy in front of me heading back to the base, within about 200 feet from my perspective I suddenly see, another of the graduates pick up something and try and explode land mines. after trying to warn us. I could only assume in the ride Eagle Eye had them placed for some odd reason, 200 feet is covered quickly on a bike, and it seemed as if billy was oblivious. He continued his direction of travel and only seconds later there is an explosion of really only fire, otherwise it would of killed him. So after the explosion he continued riding in that direction. Moments passed before the same happened to me, considering this was a dream I would not try this at home. Riding through the fire, I kept pedaling and circling in a figure 8 while he just stood there in the center with what appeared to be a smile. Even though I was burning and logically I should of been in pain, knowing it was a dream made a difference.

Even after the explosion of the mine, I was still riding in the figure 8 and yelling loudly, "Why in the hell, would you do that!?!?!" Cruising around as he stood on his feet not moving, not feeling, only smiling, "You realize Billy is expected to graduate today?!?!?" The last thing I stated was "Answer!?!?!?!?" and it was at this point the yelling of Answer brought me out of the dream and subconscious into the conscious world as if it had been that important!

My sister came upstairs and asked "Did you say something?" and I answered "Yeah just a crazy dream." her last comment was great, she said "You should write about it." and so I did. I wonder if that was the reason it bridged the gap between the sub conscious and the conscious mind. Or simply that it was so insane, as mindless as it was, as without reason or objective that this character Eagle Eye did without thinking just doing. To use an explosive device, fully aware of what it could do stuck me so deep, could of very well stopped what otherwise is a great time for Billy, A moment of growth, a springboard, in a new direction, into a better reality for a brighter future. What do you think? Let me Know in the Comments.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Story Continues

To consider the last time I entered something here was in in the trial, at this point after all has been said and done the deliberation has begun, the journey as it is ongoing, this aspect offering a whole new learning curve, remarkable as it is. The process in itself is a learning process, through it I have learned much and have had the opportunity to explore the characters of the people who are also a part of the entire journey. Truly remarkable, and yet even without that things constantly change, life goes on many would say. It is what you do with it and when that makes the difference. So it continues on and as I look at it closely I realize how much more it relates to the Focus Forward Project that I constantly find myself living and exploring. Perhaps not a story but an intro for what is to come.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jury Duty - A reflection So Far...

Another day comes and goes, additional hours pass, lunch once again, things change in life and in living. Sometimes life presents a series of unfortunate events, as is the case here and now. The ongoing journey that it is in infinite cycles, of ups and downs. An ongoing event, multi-faceted to remain objective, to explore both sides of the argument to reach an unbiased decision, to grow through, making the best call in a difficult game where the burden of proof must prevail and yet only founded on reasonable doubt, the legal language can be confusing though it is part and partial to this process, the legal process skewed or blind dependent on the best argument, whoever is the most influential the one who makes the best argument moral or otherwise. The final decision with a group of unique individuals holding their own view on the preceding.

To wonder where you go from there in an understanding, the insanity of the process. Following legal definition whatever that may be. Such a crazy process, and yet so necessary for what is termed a "fair trial by jury." Nothing like the wonders of the numerous shows that jumped the bandwagon of supposed Super Sleuths who get everything done in thirty minutes to an hour and line up another shortly thereafter, a false idea a preconceived notion with a false understanding of the actual process thinking everything is cut and dry, black and white. Such false understanding even if wrong could be held. The same point when the decision must be made, whether the individual is guilty and sentenced as such what then would depend on the charges, how serious and by definition is the consequence for heinous charges, whatever the charge may be.

How confusing, how insane it can be, attempting to find a jury who holds no bias, how difficult it must be then to not speak of it, until deliberation, until the final point whereby such a conversation officially and legally can take place.

So goes the story, the tale of one juror exploring reality and its process in comparison to the false ideas of a lost medium. In the world today, with a new medium taking it's place with the internet being seen as the one solid medium with an immense variety of views more realistic? Perhaps if only an idea, that is from the people without the censorship. Without limitation yet still biased in their own view.

What is fact? What exactly is fiction? The choice lies with each of us in this world, to make up your own mind, to choose what you believe. Is that the true purpose of trial by jury? Or is it just another modified view from the people based on the evidence, the only truth? Perhaps if you decide to take it as such or is that the only real speculation? You were given free choice, without bias? Maybe if you had no outside influence, the fact is we each grew up and in that process a belief system was formed, do you think that skewed your mind?

Or can you truly be unbiased no matter the seriousness of the trial, can you remain unaffected, no matter the emotions that flow as you sit in that chair? Or is it in the fact that we are each human, that makes it near impossible to truly be unbiased? What do you think, what evidence do you offer that we each can be as blind as justice appears to be? Or is the legal system more confusing then clear? The choice is yours share your view in the comments.