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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love Is Complex - An Enigma - Action or death

One quote so powerful that would inspire a person to step it up to write out the powerful thoughts on the most blatant fact of it, to realize there is much more to love then just the words and relate how love is like a flower, if it is not maintained it will eventually pass onto death. Just as when there is no action behind the words of love, always flitting, it will fly away. In the post there is powerful sentiment and exploration, to expand your view on what is love take a look at;

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dreams & Stories And More Information

As recently I have begun taking the time to journal my dreams have not dropped a message here in some time, because dream sessions are very interesting and in those same stories can result in good stories, so I figured I would clue you folks into the most recent revisions, to the subconscious mind at the new blog where after reading Carl Jung's Man and His Symbols, and referring to the Dream Dictionary I have gained some very interesting insight into the process of understanding and interpretation of my own dream sessions.

And In that growth and progress, so come take a look at this new revision on an interesting ideal at And thanks for reading.