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Monday, January 21, 2008

Why I stay up to the early hours of the morning.

For myself, sometimes I seem most receptive to creative energy in these early morning hours. It is in those moments I have the opportunity to focus, clarity of the juncture in the deep silence each morning. Besides the fact that as of late it has become a constant, a habit formed by a choice made. It is these hours from 2a until 5a in the silence of a sleeping home, all but me, experience REM sleep. These hours I often become more receptive to the possibilities and more apt to think as the writer that I am. Receiving the abundant creative energy through my undertakings. As the hours pass one by one it seems some of my best compositions are a result of this silence.

Whether it be interpretive the fact is reinforced when I review the writings so meticulously compiled, articles or stories, as I review the message within each. Perhaps it is just the silence, the eternal quiet, that enables the ability to become my focal point in hours otherwise reserved for sleep. Thoughts and ideas readily apparent, of the words not said, otherwise ideas that are dear to my basic principles in life and living. As I focus forward and put the plan into action these same principles become a foundation for the articulate story to be as I continue with my project. Future Focus for those who I care about now and those who are not yet a part of this world, the generations to come. My hope, my goal, is that one day in the near future as one more generation comes into being, that these writings will serve as guidelines for a life lived fully. For those in generations to come to strive to excellence, to once again put the plan to action and do.

Those who I care for, who I have touched in one way or another, are and will continue to be my inspiration, for the hours spent at the keyboard, for the time writing on the paper. Those who I have touched and those who I shall touch as time moves forward. To truly make a difference in their chosen life, to plant a seed and observe as it comes to fruition. A legacy that will last the generations now and then. That is my journey, a choice made a curve ball hit out of the park, a life aspiration under constant improvement. Making a difference in the life of those who I care deeply about, and those who I care for if only in passing.

To persist in my life aspiration, is the very least I can do for those who have known me and have yet to know me. Day in and day out, all the hours morning evening or afternoon. I can only hope, by reading this I will touch your heart & soul, so you to can be my inspiration to keep on keeping on through the ups and downs of the roller coaster of life. Focus Forward and Grow with Me. The future is bright and in you reading this it becomes brighter by the moment.

Thanks for your time and your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

- Ray 0552 012108

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