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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Mint Green Cadillac

A recurring entity in my dreams, a reoccurring theme. The Green Cadillac that can go through walls usually a result of evil, an evil within perhaps. A turning of a device in a indistinguishable garage somewhere. There is really no time period, time of year it just reappears, reaffirms itself in my mind through my dreams. What is the message, what does this mint green Cadillac mean? To unlimit self, in the fact this vehicle can go through walls, to look outside the box, beyond the here and now? So what is the idea, the primary message of this mint green convertible Cadillac? It is an older model, in the days that the cadillac's were huge, powerful, the 50's 60's somewhere around that time.

A mint green cadillac convertible, what does it represent? Is it a baseline, for a truly great story? One to formulate, to publish, to make a splash as an instant masterpiece? A necessary springboard into tommorow, into a new chapter in my life the first step into a great publishing feature. The question, as a result of evil this entity appears and often is difficult to remove though it can be done, as the character has done so before. The sense that it was not completely eradicated, as it once more appears, when I have not dreamed of it in so long. Seems the logical result, is it must be removed, completely? Perhaps dependant on what it represents. A subconcious mind is an amazing thing, it speaks of possibilities, open for interpretation. The possibilities that are underlying, that which cannot be eradicated, cannot be removed until it is dealt with and overcome. It is like a hunger that if not satisfied will consume you. So I wonder, I look at it, I try and interpret the amazing message my subconcious mind is trying to get across. Perhaps it is the interpretation of evil, of something that goes against the moral majority, that goes against the way I was raised. Something lost but never found, constantly resurfacing, telling me to make that change to understand it and overcome it.

Perhaps that is exactly the point, the reason this dream reoccurs, this dreams constant resurgence. Something, deep within past lives or the present one that has never really been resolved, never been dealt with. The wonders of dreams, the astounding creativity that is apparent when such boundaries are lifted. When you sleep, there is no external influence, nothing that tries to limit your thinking. It is the unlimitting of possibilities, through dreams so much can occur, to take the time to remember, to be livid, to know in that moment you are dreaming and to take control, to explore this unlimited space to stretch beyond self imposed limitations. The possibilities are truly limitless, to grasp this power, this awareness within a dream, within a journey so intense. It is not only the good dreams but all dreams, as each has a message, as each has an objective in our own self improvement. It is merely a matter of both you and me, realizing, grasping and following through to see the possibilities as truly endless, the opportunities abound. What do you think, your own dreams, taking the time to understand, to comprehend the important message your body is trying to tell you will you explore it? Will you instead try to run in fear, to not have to deal with being uncomfortable even if that is the only way to make the change that is so important in your life. The journey we are each on, to make that choice to make a difference, will you?

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