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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Internet Censorship ... Should it happen?

As I was exploring KSBW8's Tweet Feed, there was a series of things that caught my interest in regard to Internet Censorship, besides what looks to be an underlying agenda to share news that is in relation to making that a new story. Another media circus, about how it should be censored and the such. The problem is that the objective of the news is to sell even if it infringes on your rights to Free Flow Of Information from the Internet.

What sells is rarely the good news always the bad news, and censoring the internet is an important issue, anything for the ratings right? Perhaps for the Television stations but you and I of the public at large. What benefit is drawn from that?

Why that is, because we as a people have this want to be aware to find another reason why it does not work as well as it should. We are sold on what the media tells us because we have reached a point of taking it as the only fact. The power of the media is clear, the change that is happening every day is a step by step process ... The new media, that is Youtube, Vimeo, and the many other videos sites and Media Outlets available around the world through the power or the worldwide web. This offers each of us an opportunity to explore something different, to interpret something else besides what the mass media has been selling for all these years. The new media is the first step in making the necessary change to become aware of more then what sells, instead to become aware of what truly matters don't you agree?

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