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Friday, December 28, 2007

Loss Experienced, Over a Happy Holiday

To realize this season, these last few months have been times of sadness, over thanksgiving a kitty dies, neck broken because got stuck in the gate, attempted to save yet it was to late. I did all I could at least I can say, as I had a number of a neighbor of mine who herself had 7 cats. So fortunate was that turn of events that she was even home, to at least confirm the sad fact that such a kitty lost, left before his first Christmas. Buried near a week later, in sadness and grief, yet I guess it worked out for the best, as we now have another beautiful kitty, a tortoise shell, very bright animal who will enjoy her first holiday season with us. So in grief I remember Fluffy G, in gladness I hold Mona in my arms and pet her soft fir as the lights have gone up and the holiday has arrived and she is still with us.

Recently my Grandfather, whom I had visited nearly two seasons back, right around the holidays no less, was around Christmas last I visited him, he seemed in good health at the time but apparently, much can happen in only a couple of years. He was a jolly fellow, a recovered alcoholic getting his life back together. The only situation about this particular experience is simply, the alcohol had already done the damage for all the time previous to his recovery. Though he seemed healthy, internally, the awareness remained and he was still suffering. I must give him the fact he was making the most of each day. He had passed just this 12th of December, just over a week before Christmas, and now only a memory can be said. And good times had. May Grandpa Bill Rest In Peace over this holiday season and the many more to come. Another book written the final chapter closed, my grandmother in law passed this morning just about 10a, lived a full life she did, to the tune of 89 years. Remarkable, truly she had many the experience in so many years. May she rest in peace as with the others lost this holiday season.

It seems in so many years, I have not had this experience before. My Grandmother in the hospital as well as my Grandfather, each up in there years after living their existence, got me thinking of the possibility that is clearly there. Of death and loss, so near, got me thinking of where I should go and what I should do in preparation for the inevitable. For this holiday season, as it may be the last I see of my Grandparents, I want to make sure, that I enjoy these moments now and not wait so long that the chance is never presented to say goodbye.The same I can offer to those who have dealt with loss in times of happiness, do all you can to be there for there last days. Six Months, One Year, Hard to say the exact time period so take care of things now not later. My father has often said to me, though stubborn I can be, Later Is Now you see.

Thank You for Reading ... Life is Full Of Challenges, grow from them, appreciate what you have now for it may not be there next year. The Happiest of Holidays I wish you, and an eventful New Year.

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