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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Just Write?

15:41 12/18/2007
To just write what does that mean. I am sure my sister meant no offense but it appears to me she sees it as just writing. Nothing more and nothing less. I try and see it as a way to make money but really when I think about to write is to do just that. Simple as it is, to write for the enjoyment not so much for the money. So though it bothered me some because I see it differently it makes sense to remember that. To just write is ok. To be overly focused on writing to a point where I alienate my family is just not a good idea. Yet the other side of that story, I want to see it as something more, I have always believed there is infinite potential in all things you do. And as such it is the same here. To just write seems to be a view of someone who really does not care so much for writing. To realize it is a creative process not just something you do. It is the creation of something astounding because you can and you will. It is that of interest. I see far more potential then that. I just hope that in time she will understand that writing is a process a creative process for sure but a process of creating something great that helps educate the world to open the eyes to potential beyond compare. To write to me is an astounding process of excitement, a process of learning and doing. I do not just write I create great things and to do so requires a absolute focus on the objective.
And when I thought about it I realized that writing is a wonderful thing to be creative and to exist moment by moment.

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