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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kindler Gentler Cleansing of Society

A story from a dream, written and remembered.

Two men, from another state, another place, coming here to try to bring Hitler's view on cleansing, to the society of today. A different name perhaps but same general idea, the technique different in its own way, instead of provoking fear, and bringing about an army, these two figured they would keep it a bit more stealthy, somewhat under the radar. Using a plant, that with one prick its poison would knock the afflicted out in a matter or seconds and they would sleep for hours. Not wholly lethal but effective in stopping any resistance from a person at a time. Therefore it was necessary to always be stealthy in each attack and make sure it is pointed and takes care of the challenge one by one. Effectively quiet and cunning working together in unison. Making it all that much more difficult, to thwart. And so they went, one by one, until they come to one specific house, the home of one not so spectacular individual, one who was just realizing the potential of life and living. Existing for the moment, just working the job, you know like the world tells you to. Within this person though, was a realization, an internal frustration, looking at his life, and seeing beyond where he was at that time. It was this internal frustration, this constant gnawing, of this limited existence. The fact that he knew, there was more to life then that. After so much loss in the year previous he decided long due for a change, so maybe not all that common , of suddenly he heard the breaking of a window. He was not in the common area of the house so it was thought no one was home.

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